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locational matching paper, ver. 1.0

Locational matching
of granular certificates

Locational matching is a mechanism that reflects the “transportability” of the electricity and is one of the key aspects of the international Energy Track and Trace (ETT) cooperation.

This paper describes and assesses the locational matching rules which are under consideration. Addtionally, it draws conclusions for the ETT prototype system of which rule eventually proves to be the best suited representation of the transportability of electricity. 

ABOUT Energy track and trace

Sustainable choice
makes a real difference

Energy Track and Trace (ETT) is an ambitious international cooperation, working together to create and further an international solution for tracking and tracing the origins of sustainable energy from source to consumer across borders.

The Solution will be a digital proof that sustainable choices make a real difference.

The aim of the Energy Track & Trace initiative is to bring together the physical and digital processes because an integrated energy system requires smart solutions.

Kadri-Liis Rehtla Elering

We have founded Energy Track & Trace to harmonize our solution and in order to scale it on a European level, to make this project available to any European consumer.

Malte Scharf Elia Group

We want to enable fully carbon-neutral processes and products and support the ambitious decarbonization efforts of consumers – by providing a transparent and widely accepted system, tailored to their needs.

Mette Have Larsen-Ledet Energinet


Latest publications

ENTSO-E publication on Guarantees of Origin

In July 2022, ENTSO-E published a position paper regarding views on a future-proof market design for GOs. 

Partner meeting presentation

Presentation from partner meeting held September 15th. Next partner meeting will take place December 15th 2022.

Locational matching of granular certificates

This paper describes and assesses the locational matching rules under consideration and draws conclusions for the ETT prototype.

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Stakeholder meeting

December 15th 2022

Stakeholder meeting

September 15th 2022

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May 19th 2022