Webinar: Tracking and Trading Clean Power by the Hour

Published on April 14, 2024

Are you curious about the future of renewable energy tracking and tracing? With Energy Track & Trace, we are building granular registries for green electricity certificates in Europe. The first pilot customers can already use the registers. We are now delighted to have been invited by EnergyTag to present our work in a webinar. Register now and join us on April 18, 2024!

Discover the Power of Hourly Matching

We as a community of progressive European transmission system operators are making significant strides in advancing renewable energy adoption through granular certificates. At the forefront of this movement is our “Energy Track & Trace” initiative. In this webinar, we’ll delve into how our initiative is revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape, fostering investment in renewables, and optimizing system operation for a sustainable future.

Learn from Industry Leaders

Join the EnergyTag webinar as we hear from key industry experts who are driving change in the renewable energy sector:

  • Killian Daly (EnergyTag): Gain insights into the latest developments and challenges in renewable energy tracking.
  • Nicolas Bernhardi (Energinet): Discover how transmission system operators are leveraging technology to facilitate renewable energy integration.
  • Marius Klemm (50 Hertz): Learn about the role of grid operators in ensuring reliable and efficient renewable energy transmission.
  • Katie Soroye (LevelTen Energy): Explore innovative market tools that are shaping the future of renewable energy procurement.

Mark Your Calendar

📅 Date: April 18, 2024
Time: 16:00 – 17:00 CET

Don’t Miss Out!

This webinar promises to be an enlightening experience for anyone interested in the future of renewable energy trading. Whether you’re a renewable energy enthusiast, industry professional, or policymaker, this event offers valuable insights that you won’t want to miss.

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